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In this episode of the Vegetable Gardening Show, Mike chats with good friend to the show Lisa Steele.  Lisa, is the author of a series of books, Fresh Eggs Daily, Duck Eggs Daily and Gardening with Chickens, as well as the widely popular website http://www.FreshEggsDaily.com

Lisa shares with us a wide variety of tips and tricks when it comes to getting the most out of your chickens to benefits your garden.  She'll tell us all about how to implement some simple techniques to catch chicken manure and use it in the garden, as well as using straw in the winter time, getting your birds to work your soil for you, and so much more.


Here's what we'll cover

  • The uses of chicken manure
  • Using straw for a wide range of applications
  • The dangers of allowing your chickens to free range in your garden
  • Growing leafy greens for your girls

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About this episode's guest, Lisa Steele

Lisa, is the author of 3 books, Fresh Eggs Daily, Duck Eggs Daily and Gardening with Chickens.  She is a fifth-generation chicken keeper who has been around chickens most of her life.  
She has been raising her own backyard flock since 2009 and sharing her farming adventures on her wildly popular blog and Facebook pages helping readers learn how to keep their flocks safe from predators, how to build strong immune systems, and how to keep them healthy and happy without using antibiotics or other commercial medications.

An aspiring herbalist and Maine Master Gardener dedicated to raising her own animals as naturally as possible, she offers practical, down-to-earth and time-tested advice for raising chickens and using herbs and showing her readers how to have some fun while doing it.   In addition to chicken keeping tips, she also shares DIY projects for the coop and run using repurposed materials,  natural household and personal products, gardening ideas, and recipes using fresh eggs, vegetables and herbs.

She grew up on a small farm across the street from her grandparents chicken farm in central Massachusetts.  After heading off to college and a short stint on Wall Street, Lisa is back on a New England farm once again,  doing what she loves and is proud to be carrying on her family tradition.



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