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In this week's episode, Mike chats with expert gardener and gardening Youtube star, CaliKim.  CaliKim gives us a sneak peek and a behind the scenes look into her popular gardening YouTube channel, CaliKim Garden & Home DIY YouTube channel, that has over 70,000 subscribers and over 13,000,000 views.  She tells us all about how she got started filming her gardening adventures, what she enjoys teaching, and what keeps her motivated to produce high quality content filled gardening videos.

From there, Kim gives us her best tips so that you can save some money at home while getting the most production from the space that you have available.  She'll also teach us how to grow both a salsa garden and a salad garden, as well as which vegetables home gardeners should absolutely grow to get the highest cost savings possible.  She'll touch on composting and soil amendments and so much more.

That's this week, on the Vegetable Gardening Show!


Here's What We'll Cover in this Week's Episode of the Vegetable Gardening Show

  • How the CaliKim YouTube channel got started
  • The challenges of a filming a gardening show
  • Gardening conditions in California
  • CaliKim and Gary Pilarchik's Coast to Coast gardening
  • Strawberry crate towers
  • Kim's recommended vegetables, fruits & herbs (hint: the Kellog's breakfast tomato)
  • Growing a salad and a salsa garden
  • Tips to save money on your gardening

Mentioned in this Week's Episode of the Vegetable Gardening Show


About this Week's Guest, CaliKim

CaliKim has been teaching and helping people all over the world how to grow their own food and be healthier as result on her YouTube Channel, where she has nearly 50k subscribers and over 7 million views.  She provides gardening instruction in a quick, simple, inexpensive way.  Join CaliKim and her husband, Jerry, also known as CameraGuy, in their Southern California urban organic garden.  They share garden how to’s and tips, healthy garden-to-table recipes, and home DIY’s.  CaliKim enjoys gardening, helping others, going to the beachJerry and Kim Polaroid and hiking.  She has a BA in Speech Communications.

CaliKim loves to try new things in the garden, so there are always surprises along the way. Follow along, grow your garden with CaliKim and CameraGuy, and have FUN doing it!


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