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In this episode, Mike chats with entrepreneur and inventor, Jennifer Pratt, about her invention that makes square foot gardening easier.  If you want to learn how to make square foot gardening easier then this is the episode for you.

Jennifer, a school teacher turned successful inventor, armed with the idea to make square foot gardening easier, turned a simple design in her head, into a Mel Bartholomew approved square foot gardening tool.

Jennifer tells us how a combination of working with children that had little knowledge of gardening along with her own gardening struggles lead to the Seeding Square, the initial design and how that can-do entrepreneurial spirit keeps her going.

Endorsed by the Square Foot Gardening Foundation, Jennifer's square foot gardening invention, the Seeding Square, is used in square foot gardens all across the globe. She tell us how she did it, how it evolved and so much more!


Here's what we'll cover in this episode of The Vegetable Gardening Show

  • Jennifer's journey from teacher to inventor
  • The disconnect in children when it comes to gardening and food
  • The biggest obstacles Jennifer had to overcome in order to bring the Seeding Square to market
  • Learning what square foot gardening is and why it is a helpful gardening method

Mentioned in this episode of The Vegetable Gardening Show

About this week's guest, Jennifer Pratt

New to gardening, and without a tool to help simplify the planting process, Jen and her husband invented something that teaches kids (and parents) how to easily plant a vegetable garden. Before donning her inventor's cap, Jen was a school teacher and with that experience she noticed there was a disconnect in kids  regarding a basic understanding of where food comes from. She's working to help simplify vegetable gardening for all ages and experience levels, while also bringing fresh veggies to dinner tables across North America.

Jennifer's company is based out of Surrey, BC CANADA. Her goal was to make the process of planting a garden simple. She wanted to offer a tool that made gardening accessible to new gardeners, seasoned gardeners, seniors and kids. In the process she found that optimizing space so efficiently gets users up to 2 - 5 times the harvest, and because the space is so efficiently used, there is almost no room for weeds!

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