In this episode of The Vegetable Gardening Show

In this episode of the Vegetable Gardening show, Mike chats with award winning author and health coach, Cheryl Meyer on the toxins that are in your body and how to get rid of them.

Cheryl's journey began a little over 5 years ago when she started experiencing chronic pain that her doctors could not diagnose or treat.  She took matters into her own hands and studied up on anything and everything that may be causing the discomfort she was experiencing.  

What Cheryl found was that her body was high in harmful toxins.  Toxins that were derived from the products she was using and the food she was eating.

Fast forward to today, Cheryl, a graduate of Cal Berkeley, is a certified health coach, teaching others how to reduce and remove the harmful toxins in their own lives.  

Cheryl is going to tell us all about toxins, where they come from, how to get rid of them, and the symptoms you can expect to experience if your body's toxicity level gets too high.

This and so much more on this episode of The Vegetable Gardening Show!


Here's what we covered in this episode of The Vegetable Gardening Show

◾ What are harmful toxins
◾ Where are the toxins coming from
◾ How to reduce the harmful toxins from your everyday life
◾ How home grown fruits & veggies play an important role in reducing harmful toxins
◾ The causes of leaky gut


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EWG: Environmental Working Group
The Dirty Dozen & The Clean 15


About this episode's guest, Cheryl Meyer

There were so many things wrong with me, from years of my own neglect that I have found solutions for.  I can be of great assistance leading you towards a healthier life.  I have personal experience to share, and am quite passionate to share it with you.  I also have the training from IIN (the Institute of Integrative Nutrition) to back my personal knowledge up with a broad educational perspective.

I want to inspire you to be your own health advocate and give you the tools to be able to do that.  We will design a program together that will resonate with you.   As your health muse, I will provide “excuse-proof’” accountability and on-going support so that you will be inspired to acquire and sustain the benefits of positive habits and shifts on a long-term basis.

I want to teach you how to clean up your food, your environment, and your life for a healthier you and for healthier family.  The statistics are astonishing; the increase in diabetes, autism, cancer, and disease in children as well as adults in our county, is overwhelming.  Cleaning up your life will give you and your family a better chance for long and a healthy life.  Understanding what is happening to our food system, and learning to work around it, is critical for a healthier family.


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