In this episode of The Vegetable Gardening Show

In this episode of the Vegetable Gardening show, Mike chats with Jessica Walliser author of the book, "Container Gardening Complete".  Jessica is going to fill us in on just how great container gardening can be if you think out side the "container."

She is going to share with us some ways you can repurpose items that you currently have around your house, as well as some advanced container gardening projects out there for you gardeners that like to be challenged.

From there, she'll share with us how to select the right plants for containers, container size and some issues with diseases and pests you might come across along the way.

This and so much more on this episode of The Vegetable Gardening Show!


Here's what we'll cover in this episode of The Vegetable Gardening Show

◾ Why container gardening
◾ The two directions of container gardening
◾ Using container gardening to accent your home
◾ Container gardening is more than using pots from your garden center
◾ Thinking outside of the container, when it comes to container gardening
◾ Troubleshooting some issues that you will run into while container gardening
◾ The three pillars of successful container gardening
◾ Finding plants that are specifically for container gardening
◾ Yes, you can grow trees in containers


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About this episode's guest, Jessica Walliser

Jessica Walliser co-hosts “The Organic Gardeners” on KDKA-Radio in Pittsburgh, PA. She is a former contributing editor for Organic Gardening magazine and a regular contributor to Fine Gardening, Urban Farm, and Hobby Farms magazines. Jessica also serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of The American Horticultural Society.

Her two weekly gardening columns for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review have been enjoyed by readers for over eight years. Her fourth book, Attracting Beneficial Bugs to the Garden: A Natural Approach to Pest Control, was released by Timber Press in January of 2014 and was named one of the Top 12 Gardening Books by Martha Stewart Living magazine in March of 2015. It was also awarded the American Horticultural Society’s Book Award.

The former owner of a 25-acre organic market farm, Jessica received her degree in ornamental horticulture from The Pennsylvania State University. She’s taught a diverse array of gardening topics for over 20 years and is a former faculty member of Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

She is author of the Amazon best-seller Good Bug, Bad Bug: Who’s Who, What They Do, and How to Manage Them Organically and blogs weekly for both SavvyGardening.com and HobbyFarms.com. As owner of Ironweed Apparel, Jessica is working to unite fashion and gardening at long last by providing gardeners with hip, funky urban farming and gardening tee shirts that let you grow in style.

Jessica lives and gardens northwest of Pittsburgh with her husband and son, six chickens, two cats, two hermit crabs, and billions and billions of very good bugs.


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