In this episode of The Vegetable Gardening Show

In this episode of the Vegetable Gardening show, Mike chats with relationship expert Ellen Gendelman about how you can build better, longer last lasting and satisfying relationships in your life.

Ellen is going to tell us why quality relationships matter to everyone for a fulfilling life, what the keys are to building better relationships, and what is the root cause of just about every bad relationship.

From there, Ellen is going to analyze Mike in real time, focus in on being a better listener to improve the quality of relationships, and why trust is so important to all relationships types.

This and so much more on this episode of The Vegetable Gardening Show!


Here's what we'll cover in this episode of The Vegetable Gardening Show

◾ Quality relationships should matter to everyone
◾ Keys to building and maintaining strong relationships
◾ The root cause of many bad relationships
◾ Better listening skills can lead to better relationships
◾ Establish trust to achieve better relationships


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About this episode's guest, Ellen Gendelman

Ellen Gendelman MS, LPC, CPC is a licensed
psychotherapist and certified professional coach
who specializes in working with relationships.
She cherishes her own roles as wife, mother and
grandmother. A veteran educator, motivational
speaker and author, she has a passion for helping people reach their potential.


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